Why we love what we do


In 1998, a federal indictment was brought against childhood friends. After being convicted in 1999, the quest to regain their freedom began. For twenty plus years they fought tirelessly with the government and the federal court system. Finally, in 2018, the then President of the United States, signed a bill into law that allowed them to petition the court for a reduced sentence. Remaining solid and true to their core standards, morals, and principles, that time in prison helped them to become better men. These men, Brian Jones Sr., Clifford Baptiste, Trevor Williams, Jernard Lewis, LeShawn Parker, Rico Schexnayder, Garion McCoy, Christopher Frank, Percy Franklin, the late Robert Neyland and Marcellus Esteves, and the struggle it took to fight the federal court system to regain their freedom ARE "The 748 Project." 

Through education and participation in the positive events offered by the prisons, we were able to transform our thinking and the error of our ways. After enduring the government's best shot, we were relentless in our pursuit to be liberated and to change the stigma and the negative labels that were placed on us. Hence, 748 is a close supervision number that is placed on convicted defendants with extremely high-profile cases. So, what was meant to be a negative, we are turning into a positive and teaching the younger generation that there is a better way than the streets. So, if you have ever felt stigmatized, marginalized, or endured any struggles in life, The 748 Project and every venture we are a part of is a representation of that.